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梦之城国彩娱乐 - 每日新闻播报(July 15)

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梦之城国彩娱乐 - 每日新闻播报(July 15)

梦之城国彩娱乐,3d model of mindy

>model of future human scary 未来人类:爪形手双眼睑

a company has created a 3d model of a future human - and the result is truly horrifying. 近日,一家公司创造出一个未来人类的3d模型——结果着实吓人。

dubbed "mindy", the human of 2100 has a hunched back, caused by hours sitting in front of a computer monitor at the office and craning her neck to look at smartphones. 这位2100年的人类被称为"明迪",她因长时间坐在办公室的电脑显示器前、伸长脖子看智能手机而驼背。

mindy's adaptations don't stop there. 明迪的改变不止于此。

her skull has thickened, helping to protect her brain from radiofrequency radiation emitted from smartphones. 她的头骨变厚了,这有助于保护她的大脑免受智能手机发出的射频辐射。

her brain has also shrunk, based on the recent scientific theory that a sedentary lifestyle is reducing human brain capacity. 她的大脑也在萎缩。根据近期的科学理论,久坐的生活方式正在降低人类的大脑容量。

meanwhile, her hand has permanently molded into a claw-like grip and her elbow is bent to 90 degrees, due to sustained periods spent holding a smartphone. 与此同时,由于长时间握着智能手机,她的手已经永久性地变成了爪形手握状,肘部弯曲90度。

mindy's final physical change is possibly her most outlandish - she has a second set of eyelids to filter out excessive light emitted from technology devices. 明迪最后的身体变化可能是最古怪之处——她长出了双眼睑,用来过滤科技设备发出的过多光线。

while the mindy model is extreme, and designed to shock, it provides an interesting visual representation of a growing body of scientific research. 虽然明迪的这个模型颇为极端,且旨在警醒人类,但它从视觉上有趣地呈现出了科学研究中人类进化发展的样子。


>no beasts as pets in russia 俄立法禁养猛兽当宠物

crocodiles, bears, lions, apes, cobras and scorpions, as well as other large predators and poisonous creatures, are now the subject of a ban from being kept as pets in russia, to safeguard the health of both "owner" and animal. 如今鳄鱼、熊、狮子、猿猴、眼镜蛇、蝎子以及其他大型食肉动物和有毒生物都被禁止在俄罗斯被当做宠物来饲养,目的是为了保护宠物主人和动物双方的健康。

the legislation doesn't mean that people will now be parted with their dangerous and vulnerable pets. 新法令并不意味着人们现在就要和危险脆弱的宠物"说再见"。

the ban comes into force on jan 1, 2020, with all animals on the new schedule that had been purchased before that date to remain with their owners until they die. 这项禁令将于2020年1月1日生效,新法案涉及的所有动物,凡是在这一日期前购买的,都可以和主人相伴终生。

famous russian animal expert and veteran tv host nikolay drozdov has fully backed the ban, saying that keeping poisonous snakes and large predators at home is "unacceptable" as, sooner or later, it ends in a tragedy. 俄罗斯著名动物专家、资深电视主持人尼古拉•德罗兹多夫对这一禁令表示绝对支持,他说,在家养毒蛇和大型食肉动物"不可接受"而且迟早会酿成悲剧。

the inability to provide proper conditions and nutrition for the beasts also led to complaints from animal rights activists, and to public outrage. 宠物主人无法为野兽提供适当的生存条件和营养,也招来动物权利保护者的抱怨,还引发了公愤。

such negligence also saw animals escaping from their owners, creating a threat to local populations. 此外,由于疏于看管,一些动物还从主人家中逃脱,对当地人的安全造成威胁。

taylor swift holds her awards for top female artist and top selling album during the 2018 billboard music awards at the mgm grand garden arena on may 20, 2018 in las vegas, united states. [photo/vcg]

>swift tops forbes list '霉霉'登顶福布斯名人榜

pop singer taylor swift is the world's top-earning celebrity, according to an annual countdown of highest-paid stars by forbes. 根据《福布斯》发布的年度收入最高明星排行榜,流行歌手泰勒•斯威夫特("霉霉")冠居全球收入最高的名人。

forbes estimates the 29-year-old singer made $185 million in pre-tax earnings in the year beginning june 1, 2018. 据《福布斯》估计,这位29岁的歌手在2018年6月1日开始的一年里税前收入达1.85亿美元。

swift last topped forbes' celebrity 100 in 2016, when her pre-tax earnings were calculated to be $170 million. 斯威夫特上一次荣登《福布斯》收入最高百强名人榜榜首是在2016年,当时她的税前收入为1.7亿美元。

the news follows swift accusing music mogul scooter braun of "stripping her of her life's work" by acquiring her former record label big machine. 此前,斯威夫特曾指责音乐大鳄斯库特•布劳恩收购她的前唱片公司big machine,是"在剥夺她毕生的事业"。

the bulk of swift's 2018/19 earnings is likely to derive from her reputation stadium tour, which forbes adjudged to be the highest-grossing tour in us history. 斯威夫特2018/19年度的大部分收入可能来自她的《举世盛名》巡演,福布斯认为这是美国历史上最吸金的巡演。

swift's new album "lover" - her first release with her new record label republic records - comes out in august. 斯威夫特的新专辑《lover》将于8月发行,这是她通过新唱片公司republic records发行的首张专辑。


>it, top career for graduates it行业最受毕业生青睐

information technology or it remains the most popular career option for fresh graduates in china, according to an industry report. 根据生活服务平台58同城发布的一份行业报告,信息工程(it)仍是最受国内应届毕业生欢迎的职业选择。

published by 58, a life services platform, the report showed 16.6% of fresh graduates surveyed received job offers or hoped to work in the it sector. 报告显示,16.6%的受访应届生已找到或希望找到it行业的工作。

the it sector encompasses technical jobs in the areas of computers, internet and telecommunications. it行业包括计算机、互联网、电信等领域的技术性工作。

amid economic restructuring in china, it-related occupations requiring solid professional knowledge and brain power are highly preferred by young graduates, said li yan, director of the 58 talent recruitment research institute. 58同城招聘研究院院长李妍表示,随着我国经济结构的调整,要求拥有扎实的专业知识和聪明才智的it相关职业备受年轻毕业生的青睐。

also, such jobs often provide higher compensation, comfortable work environment and broader space for personal development. the occupation is considered the icing on the cake among college students who newly enter the work force, she said. 这些岗位通常还提供较高的薪水,舒适的工作环境和更广阔的个人发展空间,因此被刚刚加入劳动力大军的大学毕业生认为是热门职业。

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